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ESMT’s mission has been to become a supplier of all types of memory products and technology. Our specialty DRAM products can be widely used in PC peripheral, home appliances, and consumer, communications systems, with various density and interface specifications(including SDRAM, DDR I / II / III and PSRAM, low-power Mobile DRAM, etc.); In the flash memory segment, ESMT also offers various density and interface type NOR and NAND Flash product families to satisfy customers’ need in developing variety of application system. In addition, due to the growing adoption of System in Package (SiP) in many applications, ESMT has also developed Known-Good-Die (KGD) and Multi-Chip Package (MCP) solutions of our memory products to support all requirements from customers.

SoC Supplier in Taiwan

Elite Semiconductor Microelectronics Technology Inc., founded in 1998, began with the development and production of SoC, or system on a chip. With consistent effort over the years, our business has amassed the industry's greatest R&D skills and has grown to become one of the largest and highest quality SoC suppliers. If you are searching for a reputable SoC supplier, we want to build win-win connections all the way down the supply chain.
Uplynx SoC

Uplynx SoC

The Uplynx XS8001-T monolithically integrates the Sigfox protocol stack with best-in-class sub-GHz RF performance. This SoC is high in performance, low in power-consumption and therefore extremely cost effective. It works with a variety of sensors to support applications in many different fields.

  • Sigfox verification
  • Andes 32bit core
  • Support RCZ1,2,(3),4,5
  • Support multiple interface
  • Embedded memory
  • Lowest power consumption
  • Embedded sensor
  • Small package size
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Elite Semiconductor Microelectronics Technology Inc. has evolved a lot in industrial requirements since our inception in 1998, and we have adapted to meet the needs of every customer. As the SoC and system on a chip industries evolved and diversified, Elite Semiconductor Microelectronics Technology Inc. remained focused on client demands and produced new products on a regular basis. We have highly skilled and qualified professionals who produce the accessories to the clients' demands. As a SoC supplier Taiwan, we always give you a warm welcome and a high-quality business environment.