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Elite Semiconductor Microelectronics Technology Inc.

TRex (communication protocol) Manufacturer

As a recognized TRex (communication protocol) manufacturer, Elite Semiconductor Microelectronics Technology Inc. assures all of our TRex module are inexpensive and priced competitively with other similar goods on the market. We assure that our service is second to none! Quality control is also carried out throughout the whole production process by our quality controllers to ensure that only high-quality items reach our clients. If you are seeking for a reputable TRex (communication protocol) manufacturer, please do not hesitate to contact us.

TRex Module

Edge Device BTM8001-05-T

Developped on XS8001-T SoC, BTM8001-05-T is a wireless communication module specifically designed for LPLAN application. It is a compact, cost effective, efficient and robust module that supports a versatile array of sensors for different use cases.

Repeater BTM8001-06-TRF

BTM8001-06-TRF relays the signal between the Edge Device and other Repeaters or the Gateway. It expands the network coverage in places where there are obstacles blocking the RF signal or when the ED and the Gateway must be installed far from each other.

Gateway BTM8001-07-TRF

BTM8001-07-TRF is an expansion module with M.2 interface. When inserted into a regular network gateway, it allows the gateway to communicate with the Edge Device and the Repeater. The gateway would then be able to relay the data between the Edge Device and the local servers or servers in the cloud and, in turn, become an IoT gateway.

Gateway BTM8001-19-G1-NDY

BTM8001-19-G1-NDY is designed for LPLAN (Low Power Local Area Network) application. It is lower power consumption , programmed TrExt protocol and connects diverse edge devices for deploying various fields.
Elite Semiconductor Microelectronics Technology Inc. is a TRex (communication protocol) manufacturer that has supplied more than TRex modules to our clients, allowing them to fulfill their orders with precision and on-time delivery. We also connect with clients and keep them up to speed on the newest IoT (internet of things) industry and product information by utilizing cutting-edge technologies. From delivering high-quality items to providing excellent customer service, our staff will do all possible to answer your inquiries, solve problems, and meet your needs.
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