SenLog Pro

SengLog Pro is a temperature logger with Sigfox connectivity. Its PCB antenna, single button design and efficient standard firmware make easy-to-use low power and high performance devices. SenLog Pro monitors the ambient temperature with an embedded high accuracy sensor, logs the data and at the same time transmits it to the cloud via Sigfox protocol in real time. It’s an ideal temperature monitoring solution for refrigerated and cold chain transportation use cases.
Product No. BSM8001-0X-H3-NRY
Supply Voltage 2.5V~3.0V
Support Zone RCZ1/2/3/4/5/6/7*1
MCU 32-bit AndesCore
Frequency 868~928Mhz
Temp. Sensor +/-0.5℃
Output Power (dbm) 8~20 dbm
Data Rate min. 0.1k bps
Operation Temperature -30℃~+60℃
Size 75mm x37mm x17mm
Status Sample
Battery life time *2
*test condition: 25℃/Class0u/AAA*2
Other Support Uplink Class 0*3
Micro USB connector
LED indicator
Embedded data logger
Temperature alarm setting
One button to trigger
*1A system board supports only one region
*2The calculation of battery life time depends on setting of data rate , data packet size , environmental temperature.
*3Don't downlink data and Monarch