IoT Product


IoT solutions connect devices to the network to provide information and help with decision making, improve efficiency, increase productivity, reduce waste and save cost for industries in many different applications.
  • Smart Logistic
    Parcel Tracking、Temperature Monitor for refrigerated transportation and cold chain delivery with real time data report
  • Smart Industry
    Harmful substance monitor in factories、Asset tracking with real time alert for breaching of perimeter.
  • Smart Agriculture
    Monitor light, humidity, temperature and soil moisture in the crop field to maximize utilization of irrigation and fertilizers
  • Smart Building
    Smart Equipment tracking、AQI Monitor
  • Smart Meter
    Takes readings from Water, Gas and Electricity meter in real time and upload to servers automatically to increase calculation precision and billing accuracy, and reduce personnel expense.
  • Smart Retail
    Refrigerated products monitoring prevents spoiling and reduces waste. Smart Shelf increases stocking and inventory management efficiency.