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Elite Semiconductor Microelectronics Technology Inc.

TRex Module, LPLAN Manufacturer

Elite Semiconductor Microelectronics Technology Inc., as an LPLAN manufacturer, is happy to provide all of the leading brands in performance TRex module and edge device at prices to fit any budget. Most importantly, we back each of our goods with the greatest one-on-one customer service available anywhere. As an LPLAN manufacturer for over 23 years, we have provided reliable goods to meet our customers' needs. Thank you for your time and business; please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or requests.
Developped on XS8001-T SoC, BTM8001-05-T is a wireless communication module specifically designed for LPLAN application. It is a compact, cost effective, efficient and robust module that supports a versatile array of sensors for different use cases.
Features :

Product No. BTM8001-05-T
Supply Voltage 3.3V~5.5V
MCU 32-bit AndesCore
Frequency 920-925Mhz
Tx Power max. 17dbm
Current Tx: 49mA
RX sensitivity -
Data Rate min. 0.1k bps 
Operation Temperature -40C~+85C
Package Size 24mmx13.5mm
Status Sample

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As a global TRex module and LPLAN manufacturer, Elite Semiconductor Microelectronics Technology Inc.'s objective is to make its core technologies cheap to its ultimate clients. Elite Semiconductor Microelectronics Technology Inc. has been providing the edge device with creative designs, dependable production, high-quality standards, competitive pricing, and low life-cycle costs since 1998. If you are unable to find the product you desire let us know, and we will endeavour to satisfy your requirements within the shortest possible timescale.