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We offer setting customization service. Please contact us about the desired settings when you place an order and we will ship the devices with them.
If you just need to change some settings please see item 1 of this Q&A. If you are looking for some more significant changes in the device's behavior, we do offer firmware customization services. Please contact us for more details.
It's a warning to show the user that the device has been exposed to abnormal temperature, which is part of the device settings and by default 30℃ or above, for a duration of 30 minutes or more, also a device setting. It could be viewed as an indicator for a "fail" state.
The device's battery life varies depending on several factors, ie types of battey or transmission frequency. When running with the default configurations, the device could last up to 14 days. Please contact us for details on the options to extend the device's battery life.
It's not recommended. SenLog Pro is a disposable device. It was not designed for easy battery exchange. Taking the device apart to access the batteries on your own could likely cause Irreversible damage to the device.