Senlog Pro 2

Senlog Pro 2 is an advanced Senlog Pro. Except for building in Sigfox connectivity, it adds detecting humidity and dumps data through NFC ISO/IEC 14443A. To monitor environmental Temperature and Humidity during refrigerated / cold chain transportation and in warehouse is more efficiently.
Product No. BSM8001-0X-H4-NRY
Supply Voltage 2.5V~3.0V
Support Zone RCZ1/2/3/4/5/6/7*1
MCU 32-bit AndesCore
Frequency 868~928Mhz
Temp. Sensor ±0.5℃
Humidity Sensor ±2%RH
Output Power (dbm) 8~20 dbm
Data Rate min. 0.1k bps
Operation Temperature -10℃~+60℃
Size 75mm x37mm x17mm
Status Sample
Battery life time *2
*test condition: 25℃/Class0u/AAA*2
Other Support Uplink Class 0*3
LED indicator
NFC dump data is available
Embedded data logger
Temperature alarm setting
One button to trigger

*1A system board supports only one region
*2The calculation of battery life time depends on setting of data rate , data packet size , environmental temperature.
*3Don't downlink data and Monarch