Care-S carries an unique Sigfox ID/PAC. The 12bytes sigfox packet is design to carry GPS, Temperature, G-shock data and other essential information to sigfox network. User can easily integrate to cloud server to enable fleet monitoring around the world. The build in firmware allows user to configure the device properties including overheating trigger, overshock trigger and others.
Product No. BSC8001-05-S-NRY
Supply Voltage 2.5V~5.5V
Support Zone RCZ12345
MCU 32-bit AndesCore
Frequency 868~928
Wireless module GPS
Tx Power (dbm) 8~20 dbm 
Data Rate min. 0.1k bps 
Battery Life Time
(Report Rate: 144/Day)
0.13yr @RCZ135
0.32yr @RCZ24
*test condition: 25C/Class0u/AAA*2/1000mhr
Operation Temperature -40C~+85C
Package Size ------
Status Sample
Other Auto Sigfox RC switch ,Event Trigger/sensing ,Watchdog, 15min status recording