LPWAN 低功耗廣域網路
LPWAN or LOW POWER WIDE AREA NETWORK, is consisted of wireless communication among devices with extremely low-power consumption over a very long distance. Connecting many installed base stations, it's able to transmit a wireless signal with no distance limitation. The applicable scenario would be very long distance and expanding range via connecting many devices.
ESMT's IoT solution such as SoC and multi-zone modules are verified Sigfox to operate in this global network.
SigFox is on the leading position of the global IoT service provider. Complete the infrastructure of base stations comes to LPWAN technology have the widest covarage expanding. It's a Global 0G network and connects our life between digital phase and powerful, strong and transforming industry.
  • Sub 1GHz Global Network
  • Complete IoT Infrastructure
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Low Data Rate
  • Small Packet Data
  • Max. 50km Long Range Trasmittion
  • Low Subscribe Fee