ESMT participates AIoT Taiwan
Location: Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 1 (TaiNEX 1) 1F
Booth No.: J0806

With the covid -19 epidemic stable in Taiwan and the gradual opening of the Taiwan border for foreign travelers, “Taipei International Electronics Show”, TAITRONICS, and “Taiwan International AIoT Show”, AIoT Taiwan which is exhibited 3 days from 26th Oct. in 2022 expects lots of visitors and buys in various fields of the electronics industry to join.
Except for exhibiting advanced electronic components and electronic equipments, lighting technology, smart sensing & IoT devices, broadband communication and could 5G area , in response to the development of visual application fields and Net Zero Emissions in the electronics industry, the organizer ,2022 TAITRONICS and AIoT Taiwan, add the new area for 「next-generation communications」and「Metaverse applications」to extend future technology’s application this year.
ESMT shows the latest developed wireless application products such as ICs, module, system-board and low power consumption solution in wireless connectivity field. We offer diverse reference designs and IoT various solutions for industries.

We welcome you to visit ESMT’s Booth No.:J0806 at TaiNEX 1,1F.
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